Transition to School Programme

Giggles and Scribbles Early Learning Centre in partnership with its local community and parents, offers a Transition to School programme for children aged 4 years and upwards to help prepare them for school. The early childhood curriculum provides a foundation for children to become confident, competent and enables them to build on prior learning experiences. Each strand of the Early Childhood Curriculum has a number of links to the essential learning areas, essential skills and key

competencies of The New Zealand Curriculum. During our regular sessions at Giggles and Scribbles we incorporate learning into our core curriculum. This learning is visible through learning stories in the children’s individual profile books.

We believe in providing children with the balance of an emergent curriculum alongside a structured curriculum to prepare children.

Transition to School

Starting school is a significant event in your family life. While it is a very exciting time for you and your child, it can also be a very anxious and emotional experience. Giggles and Scribbles Early Learning Centre aims to work together with local schools and families at the transition phase, to help alleviate some of these Our Transition to School Programme starts preparing children from 4 years of age. As the child approaches school age, the programme increases to include more challenging and stimulating experiences. We make early literacy a priority in our programme, which includes access to the Reading Egg software both at home and for daily use at our centre. Home Reading is also part of the literacy programme. This enables children to have the opportunity to take books home to read with parents.

When children start in the preschool, our ‘transition to school’ teacher will take a snapshot of each child’s current learning achievements through an informal assessment based on observation. This will be done in conjunction with your child’s primary carer. An individualised programme will then be designed to extend on each child’s learning. This will be formally evaluated 6 monthly to ensure your child’s learning is continuously evolving. Each child will be participating within a small group of their peers (maximum 8 children) in a 15-20 minute structured learning session. Four year old sessions are held in the morning and 4.5 year old sessions are set for both the morning and afternoon. Sessions are purposefully designed to help prepare children both academically and socially for school. These sessions are aimed at being interactive and fun to ensure children’s willingness to attend.

Our Program

Sensory Awareness

All learning takes place through the senses. Maria Montessori emphasized the use of many senses in each exercise. Tactile olfactory discrimination and auditory and visual perception are learned through manipulative exercises.


Dr. Maria Montessori develops the “Mathematical” or “Scientific” mind by using concrete objects from the real world. The design of the materials encourage repetition which enhances learning. The children are introduced to the concept of numbers and the decimal system.


Maria Montessori believed that writing preceded reading in a child’s development. Many exercises are provided to teach pencil control and beginning handwriting. A phonetic approach is used to learn sounds through Sandpaper letters, objects and pictures. Word composition and writing begin with the Alphabet.

Creative Arts

Our program allows the children to express themselves through a variety of creative arts including: story telling, puppetry, plays, show and tell, cooking and arts & crafts. Singing and dancing are also a part of their daily experiences.


A child has a natural desire to explore what he sees. We provide various opportunities for the child to study and observe their environment, i.e., gardening, nature walks, and care of animals.


Children learn through movement. Outdoor play encourages the development of muscle coordination and motor skills. Gymnastic instruction, balance beam, tumbling and dance, will be part of our program.