Work and Income

There are childcare subsidies available for families with children attending childcare facilities. It is designed to ensure that all families can afford quality childcare.

It could be that you are entitled to a subsidy, which would reduce your fees considerably. Please feel free to ask about this subsidy. It is your responsibility to make sure that childcare subsidy renewals and changes in circumstances, ie: hours booked or income levels, are notified directly to WINZ. To be eligible, all families must register with Work and Income New Zealand and complete the appropriate forms, which both Lincoln Montessori Director or Supervisor and the parent need to complete, which are then lodged with Work and Income. Following this assessment the centre will receive an assessment notice for each eligible family.

If you qualify for a WINZ childcare subsidy, a payment of 100% of the full fee amount will be payable until the subsidy is approved by WINZ.

Any payments made in excess of the WINZ subsidy will be credited to your account. In the event of your child not attending for the hours you have enrolled for, and subsequently WINZ not paying for theses hours, you will be required to pay the fees incurred for the hours not attended.

It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that fee assessments are current at all times.

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– A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required on confirmation of your child’s enrolment.

– 1 weeks notice is required for changes to a child’s booking.

– 3 weeks notice is required when cancelling your child’s booking.

Payment Method

– Lincoln Montessori preferred method of payment is by direct debit.

– Bank Account Number: 03 1592 0602594 00 Westpac.

– Eftpos is available (no credit card).

– Cheques accepted.

Frequency and Penalties

– Fees are payable fortnightly. Invoices will be emailed.

– If fees are outstanding for longer than 4 weeks a 10% penalty fee will be added to your account.

– If fees are outstanding for longer than 4 weeks your children’s enrolment may be terminated.

– All fees must be paid in full prior to leaving the centre. Any outstanding fees will be passed on to Baycorp for formal collection. Any costs associated with recovery of the fees will be at your cost.

– Extra hours outside your booking time will be charged at $2.50 per 15 minutes.

– A late charge of $20.00 per 15 minutes will be charged if collecting after 5.30pm.

Holidays and Public Holidays

– There are no charges for Public Holidays at Lincoln Montessori.

– The centre will be closed for two weeks over the Christmas period. No fees are payable during this time.

– If 2 weeks’ notice of holidays is given to the Director, only a 50% fee is payable to hold your child’s space open. A total of 4 weeks holiday at the discounted rate are permitted.

– Please note after three consecutive weeks of holidays (not including when the centre is closed), the full charge will be payable including all subsidies normally received by the Government. This is due to the Ministry of Education cancelling funding for children after having three consecutive weeks away from the centre. There are special exemptions to this rule for prolonged illnesses.

Sick days

– Sick days are to be paid in full.

– Make up days are available for children aged under 3 years old subject to availability. There are no make up days available for children aged 3 years and over. Make up days are required to be used within two weeks of the sick day taken.


– A 10% discount is offered if more than 1 child from the same family is enrolled at the same time and providing both children are aged under 3 years. Discounts cease to apply as soon as 1 child is eligible for ECE funding.

Emergency Closure

Should a natural disaster happen, fees are payable for any days booked for the first 3 days of the centre closing.

Fee Schedule

If you would like an updated fee schedule, please email us on:

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